The first wave of Tajik immigration to Canada started in 1970’s during the Cold War. There have been from the former Soviet Union. There were not a big number of immigrants however, among them have been some representatives of Tajikistani community: Tajiks, Bukharian Jews (Tajik Jews), Russian speaker Tajikistanis, etc.

The second wave of Tajik immigrants came to Canada during 1980’s, after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the time of Perestroyka of Gorbachev. Tajiks from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and particularly from Afghanistan moved in to Canada.

The third stage of Tajik's immigration to Canada started in 1992, when the civil war broke out in the new independent country of Tajikistan. That process has beef up after Taliban radical movement seized power in Afghanistan (1996), anti-Tajik hatred policy of Taliban regime forced thousands of Tajik people to leave Afghanistan for Canada.

The fourth wave of Tajik immigration has begun since the first decade of the year of 2000. Nowadays, Tajik people from Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Israel, and Russia have been entering Canada.

According to different statistics, the population of Tajikistan is 7 million people. The population of Tajiks in Afghanistan is around 12 million. The Tajik population of Uzbekistan numbers around 12 million. Bukharian (Tajik) Jews in Israel and the U.S. are more than 400.000 people. In the U.S., the Bukharian Jews have been living in the districts of Quince, Brooklyn of the city of New-York. 

It can be conditionally divide the Tajik community of Canada into four big branches:

1. The Tajiks, Tajik/Persian speaking and Russian speaking groups coming from Tajikistan;

2. The Afghanistani branch of Tajiks;

3. The Tajiks, Tajik/Persian speakers from Uzbekistan;

4. The Tajiks and Bukharian Jews and Ashkenazim Jews (who are originally from Tajikistan) from Israel and Russian Federation.

According to the different sources the population of Tajiks in Canada is estimated more than 5.000 people. Presently in the province of Quebec there are living around 500 families of Tajiks from Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Israel, etc. They reside in Montreal (more than250 families), Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Granby cities (30 families).

More than 500 Tajik families are living in the Toronto area. Only 250 families of Tajik Bukharian Jews reside in Forest Hill in Toronto. Around 200 Tajik families are living in the Calgary area and the city of Vancouver.

Prime Minister of Canada meets Founder of Tajik community

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and Mr. Ravshan Temourian, a leader of the Tajik-natives Canadians, Political expert on Central Asian affairs at Hilton Hotel, April 2008, Montreal, Canada.

(By Jason Ransom,  Photographer of Prime Minister of Canada)

Canada - Tajikistan Relations

Honourable Stephen Millar, Ambassador, Embassy of Canada to Tajikistan.

Canada established diplomatic relations with Tajikistan in 1992.

In Tajikistan, Canada is represented by the Embassy of Canada in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Tajikistan is represented in Canada by the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan to the United States of America in Washington.

Bilateral relations with the Republic of Tajikistan have focused on development, yet cooperation is increasing in other areas.

Canadian Ambassador in Tajikistan

Президент Таджикистана Эмомали Рахмон принял верительную грамоту у нового посла Канады Стефана Миллара.

Посол Канады в Таджикистане отметил о незадействованном потенциале сотрудничества с Таджикистаном.

По его словам, у сторон есть возможности развивать сотрудничество в сфере гидроэнергетики и горнорудной промышленности. Он отметил об «активном» сотрудничестве в военно-технической сфере, в частности, в деле подготовки специалистов по разминированию.

Миллар сообщил, что на встрече с президентом Таджикистана также обсуждены ситуация в регионе.

Minister of transportation meets a Tajik leader

Mr. Maurice Brossard, a candidate to the Parliament of Canada, Ravshan Temourian, Founder of the Tajik community of Canada, Mr. Michael Fortier, minister of transportation of Canada and Me. Waice Ferdoussi, a prominent Canadian lawyer,  Oct. 2008.

  Meeting of two leaders

Mr. Muhammad Yunous Qanooni, Speaker of Parliament of Afghanistan  and Ravshan Temourian (October, 2010)

World Forum of Tajiks

A Canadian delegation took participation in the World Forum of Tajiks and Persian speakers in Tajikistan, Sept. 2006.

Canadians in World Forum

Shah Ismatullah Habibi, directeur-général de l'Association éducative 
transculturelle visited Tajikistan first time after 50 years found his
relatives, Sept. 2006.

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