Zulfighar was only 42 years old.

He was an extremely talented man, he has started his path to the altar of pop music from Soviet "pod'ezd" (entrance of building where Soviet youths gathering usually at nights) with guitar and exceptional young voice of my generation of Dushanbe's guys.

His brothers music band of Anis reached out hearts of people in the time of Gorbachev's Perestroyka. It was peek of fame of Zulfoghar and the Anis. It lasted not so long, just about six years, 1986-1992 .

When a civil war broke Zulfighar and the Anis as majority of Dushanbe guys either left their beloved city or joined struggled sides. Zulfighar and the Anis chose the third way: they took silence behind their private bastion - family and studio.

Postwar environment, new people and non-stop destruction of the best tradition of statehood, governance, humanism, vacuum of spirituality has brought to devaluation of the cornerstone's meaning of the capital city of Dushanbe. The city, which lost its identity, its glory, its high level intellectuality, its Eurasian modern face, nowadays no  sign of a portrait of Cyrus the Great's NATION.

Once I asked Daler Nazarov, the King of Tajikistan Pop and my childhood friend:

"How come you are not performing..."

Daler ceased my question by an upfront question: "In front of whom?"

Zulfighar got tragedy of his people. He could not tell that anybody. Because he wanted to melt down that "secret" inside himself. He was not able to melt it down. Maestro just dyed. His heart was not made of stone, his heart just stopped to react to that gradually elimination of  the Beauty of Tajikistan...