Shahroukh  Yunusov, a student of the grade 5th of a provincial school from Tajikistan first time was invited to join a prominent competition in San Remo Junior - 2010 in the heart of music of Italy.

Shahroukh with his song in Farsi "Respublika-i man" ("My republic") during tough competition among more than hundred contestants across the world won Golden Award of San Remo Junior - 2010.       


The Muliyan Brook I Recall

Written by Abu Abullah Rudaki (d. AD 940)
Translated by Iraj Bashiri, 2004 

The sweet fragrance of the Muliyan brook, 

Recalls memories, so long ago forsook.
Rough sands of the Oxus beneath my feet,
Caress them as would silk, soft and sweet.
Enjoy life everlasting, always full of cheer,
Your guest's the Amir, ever joyous and dear.
Tumultuous Oxus, full of joy and mirth,
Greeting us, leaps warmly to our girth.


Thou art the Sky, brilliant Moon is He,
O mighty Sky, embrace Thy Moon with glee.
Thou art the Mead, stately Cypress He,
Receive Thee anon, Thy beloved Cypress tree.