International community one more time has faced a bloodiest event as a result of hundreds people of one minority were massacred by another majority Kyrgyz living in Republic of Kyrgyzstan located in Central Asia. The world has dealt with a sort of ethnic cleansing in the century of 21st but some part of the world - Europe absolutely is not reacting to that ruthless event.
The provisional government of Kyrgyzstan has shown its helplessness in front of massacre of the ethnic Uzbeks by Kyrgyz ruthless gang riots. During a week of lawlessness in the cities of Osh and Djalalabad more than two thousand ethnic Uzbeks were killed among them a lot of kids and women.
Ms. Rosa Otunbaeva, chairwoman of the provisional Kyrgyz government with her blitz visits to Osh and Djalalabad shocked the world looking at her country:  during her visits she met only kyrgyz people (?!). Even American journalists reported three representatives of the ethnic Uzbeks did not allowed to meet Ms. Otunbaeva in the cities of Osh and Djalalabad.
U.S. envoys after visiting refugee camps warned of humanitarian catastrophe, Ms. Otunbaeva's assistant automatically denied (?!) that already known fact for the International community. American officials told 110 000 Uzbek refugees from Kyrgyzstan are in the the territory of Uzbekistan. More than 300 000 ethnic Uzbeks have been stranded across the region.

Yuldouz Usmanova, the Queen of Uzbekistan's Pop music created a new song dedicated to that massacre of the ethnic Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan. It was translated into English from Russian version of direct translation from Uzbek.  

There are speeches which address to the Allah,
Above heads there is a keeper,
In heavy day there is a defender,
You are going to see future.
Thank for these days,
Be patient, bear these sufferings.
In fact if the Doomsday comes once,
Bad days will be forgotten also...
Bloody days will be forgotten also....  

For what this spilled blood?
Really, there is no conscience at you?
Ah, my Kyrgyz, you sold our friendship very cheap,
You have destroyed your well-being.
Do not trust each hand, giving to you bread.
Speaking "Victory", be not pleased, being dared above won.
Having hurt soul of my Uzbek,
Tomorrow do not regret about what you did.
If you stir coals - the flame will flash,

Do not touch the neighbor,

He can lose his temper too.
If each nation you kill or chock,
Who remains with Kyrgyz?
Tell, what shell grow on your fields?
Who shell feed with your koumiss?

You shell miss water-melons, melons, flat cakes-
Farmers and bakers you have killed.
Even centuries do not forgive blood.
Tell, has the Kyrgyz really lost his faith?
You should look at this people as yours,
They are given to you, for that you save them.
Greatness too - not for all,
While you are alive, ask for forgiveness.
If the Uzbek starts to get revenge,
you shell might suffer more,

There is a necessity, ask for forgiveness.
If you stir coals - the flame will flash,
Do not touch the neighbor;
He can lose his temper too.
If each nation you kill and chock,
Who remains with Kyrgyz?
Tell, who remains on your fields?
Who will be fed with your koumiss (national drink)?