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Ethnic conflict in Kyrgyzstan

Posted by Botur Kosimi on Tuesday, June 22, 2010,

International community one more time has faced a bloodiest event as a result of hundreds people of one minority were massacred by another majority Kyrgyz living in Republic of Kyrgyzstan located in Central Asia. The world has dealt with a sort of ethnic cleansing in the ...
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Djourabek Nazri: Ahmad Zahir had a Russian song

Posted by Botur Kosimi on Monday, June 21, 2010,
  • First Soviet Tajik who became a friend of Ahmad Zahir
  • Why Soviets did not allow Djourabek back to Afghanistan?
Dr. Djourabek Nazri, I usually call aka Djourabek due to our very close relations between our families, has always been to me as an elder brother and best friend of mine.

First time I invited him to a studio of my “Payvand” Talk show of First channel of Radio of Tajikistan around 25 years ago. I wanted to talk to him about his friendship relation with the King of East Pop the ...

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